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Win Watches, Gold coins, Dinner sets & more on purchase
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Modern and latest gold jewellery designs for the modern women


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Good collection, great ambience, friendly and knowledgeable staff made the whole experience memorable.


Nice designs and collections, great service quality too. Will come back again.

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Why choose us?

Most Trusted Gold and Diamond Jewellers in Aluva and Perumbavoor

We at Nakshatra gold and diamonds do our best to be the best jewellery in Kerala. Our Kerala traditional Kerala jewellery, wedding and bridal have been a source of constant praise and appreciation for us. Our master craftsmen make sure that the jewellery whether it be a bangle, necklace or earring is exquisite as our customer are. We constantly update our designs to keep in touch with expectations of our customer. The gold jewellery designs of Kerala have always drawn their inspiration from nature for eg.karimani mala, Pendants, Bangles unlike our north Indian counterparts, thus our master craftsmen are always in the process of infusing traditional designs over the modern designs to give our customers the perfect mix of heritage and contemporary edge on the existing Kerala jewellery designs.

Our Quality

Our quest to bring the highest quality and purity in our products is as important to us as our commitment to give our customers the best designs. Our vision is to be always committed to purity and excellence in quality.

Why gold and diamonds?

More than a metal, gold was first our monetary standard which world trade possible. Gold, while mined in India, was limited to a few states, the majority of gold is said to have come from the Roman Empire due to spice trade. The charm of jewellery and the beauty of Indian women by adorning it never separated. It is rare to find any woman in India who may not have ever loved to decorate herself with jewellery whether be it jhumkas or necklaces. Beyond aesthetics, India's ancient and deep religious traditions, combined with a plethora of historical, cultural, and practical reasons, have fostered an unflinching desire to acquire gold as a means of protecting one's wealth. Talking about traditional or modern designs, gold has always been the most widely used metal for creating ornaments. In the past few decades, the fashion of gold jewellery ornaments being studded with diamonds and other precious stones has gained a wider acceptance. To add to the attractive element of the ornaments, diamonds and various other gems are used on the base metal of gold. Indians’ have accepted the grace and elegance of diamonds wholeheartedly. In these days bridal and jewellery have carved out niche themselves.

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