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We have 20 years of experience in field making stunning jewellery all while maintaining the highest quality and purity in work as well as in our gold. Our master craftsmen make sure that the jewellery becomes a part of you rather than an accessory, our designs shows how elegance, grace, glamour and classical designs can fused together to create something as unique as yourself. Our expertise in Kerala jewellery has meant that we have been known as one of the best jewellery in Kerala. Our craftsmen are known for their Kerala traditional jewellery designs and their modern interpretation of traditional jewellery designs. Our bridal jewellery collection is our best effort to make sure that the most important day of your life is made even elegant and even more graceful by combing your beauty and our designs

Our mission is to celebrate the individuality, poise, grace, presence and beauty of a women by ornamenting with the best we can.

Our vision is to be always committed to purity and excellence in quality, thus our uncompromising quest for customer satisfaction.

Traditional Kerala Jewellery

Traditional style of jewellery couldn't be moved out of fashion and it is still the most loved form of jewellery adorned by Indian women on various festive occasions . The best part about the contemporary Indian market is its beautiful blend of traditional and modern jewellery available in both gold and silver metals decorated with dazzling precious stones that attract everyone's attention .

More Than Tradition

The significance of jewellery in the life of women in India is evident from the jewellery gifts they receive from their own birth to the birth of their babies. Some ornaments like Karmani mala, Mangalsutra, Nose ring and Toe ring are considered to be integral parts of the makeup of a married Indian woman. Since ancient times, the tradition of gifting jewellery items has continued. The only difference is in the designs of the contemporary jewellery which has become modern in design to cater to the needs of the twenty first century women.

Kerala Bridal Jewellery

The bridal Jewellery is chiefly created to match with the attire of the bride. The theme and the color of the Jewellery play a pivotal role in giving it the intricate look. To add to the attractive element of the ornaments, diamonds and various other gems are used on the base metal of gold.

An Exciting Range of Gold Jewellery Creations

Nakshatra Gold and Diamond Jewellery

We at Nakshatra gold and diamonds do our best to be the best jewellery in Kerala. Our Kerala traditional Kerala jewellery, wedding and bridal have been a source of constant praise and appreciation for us. Our master craftsmen make sure that the jewellery whether it be a bangle, necklace or earring is exquisite as our customer are. We constantly update our designs to keep in touch with expectations of our customer. The gold jewellery designs of Kerala have always drawn their inspiration from nature for eg.karimanimala, Pendants, Bangles unlike our north

Indian culture has carried on the primitive tradition of purchasing gold for festivities and occasions where weddings tops the list. Now, with the option of buying gold online has made it lot easier for the customers to choose among from a variety of gold jewellery spread out. The usual traffic at the stores where waiting in the queue for gold shopping must be quite tiring enough, so the idea of online gold shopping is a time saver and a hassle free process.

A Royal Display of Metallic Lusters

When it comes to gold jewellery, Caratlane enlists an amazing selection of 22 kt yellow gold ornaments, along with 18 kt and 14 kt white and rose gold ornaments. The love for dual tones can be satiated through numerous creations sporting the amalgamation of white and yellow gold.

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